When will I see my art proof?


Your art proof will be coming soon.  You will receive a separate email from Marc or Nicole, at our production facility.  The email will come from dakotalettering.com.  Make sure to adjust your email filters so that this email doesn't get stuck in your spam folder.  We will send it out several times, in case you get busy or lose the initial email.

If the design looks great, click the Approve button.  If you want to see changes, click the Decline button and enter the changes you want to see in the Notes field and click Submit.

Before you click Approve, make sure to check the design size.  Some people like a larger logo.  Others like a smaller, understated logo.  And others don't really have a preference.  Regardless of which person you are, we want you to be happy with the final product.  If there aren't measurements in your proof, and you want to see that information, decline the proof and ask for measurements in the notes.


HERE is an example of what your proof will look like.